Here you can find a range of services that I currently provide

Considerate Horsemanship

Services 2024

Here are a list of services for 2024, if you have any questions please let me know, I am looking forward to working with you.


Some horses have issues loading/unloading/travelling whether it is at home or away.


Horses behaviours link back to their survival instincts, let's work together to create safer environment for each other.

Ground work

Working from the ground can build up positive behaviour, whilst allowing us and the horse to develop learning.


Some horses can become nervous and struggle to develop a trust bond, such as being nervous when groomed.

Spook busting

Our environment is often stressful for our horses, we can work on any areas that your horse might be finding difficult.


This is a great weightless exercise that builds confidence, exposure, rehab and fitness.

Acceptance work

Acceptance work builds up the horse's ability to adapt to their world, such as being able to walk in traffic.

Confidence boosting

Horses often get nervous in new environments, around people and other animals.

How My Process Works


First you need to tell me all about you and your horse in some forms to help me get to know you both and any issues you may have.

Book Your Session

We will then work out a suitable date for a consultation where I meet you and your horse in person in your location.

Consultation & return visits

After meeting you both, if further appointments are required I will organise these with you.

Carley is what I consider a rarity in the horse world. She under sells and over delivers. Always putting the safety and welfare of the horse before anything. I love Carley’s gentle and compassionate approach. She has the knowledge and ability to be a confidence builder, with her unimaginable patience of positive reinforcement.
donna forsyth, Los Olivillos - Spain
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Canine Training that incorporates the psychology of the dog AND human. With a wealth of experience and a drive to provide the best service, we work where others won’t. We never give up, and we work to provide a service like no other.

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