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The cost of an Initial Session within 30 minutes travel time from my location is £100 for up to 2 hours. An additional charge of 0.50 pence per mile for fuel, as per AA Route Finder, will be applied for travel from and return to SA12 6PL. Follow-up sessions are charged at £50 per hour plus fuel. For every additional half hour travel time, a fee of £15 will be added to cover the costs of time spent travelling to you. This applies to all services, including block bookings.

Either WhatsApp or texting me is the quickest way to reach me. I am not always able to answer the phone so please leave a message. I frequently check in with my emails. 



You must immediately inform me if you cannot make your booked session for whatever reason, cancellations with less than 72 hour’s notice require full session payment.

I highly recommend Intelligent Horsemanship courses for anyone looking to learn more about their horse, visit their website for more information.

Yes, if you have a horse that regularly spooks at something in a particular venue such as an indoor dressage arena, or does not load away from home, I can visit you as long as you have written permission given by the facility owner. I ask that you cover the cost for this venue yourself and ensure it meets health and safety regulations.

If I am coming to visit you regarding loading issues, I ask that you have a trailer or lorry readily hitched on a flat and level surface out of the way of hazards. You must ensure the trailer is hitched to a vehicle, and that they both meet health and safety regulations.

At Considerate Horsemanship, management of expectations is important. I understand that my clients are eager to see results. Whilst my training sessions are designed to create a roadmap to succeed, it's essential to note that the duration and effectiveness of results can vary on a number of factors. These factors include, your commitment to working with your horse in between my visits. In addition, there maybe situations where third party businesses are contacted such as saddlers, dentists and medical professionals.  The bond and behaviour improvements are cultivated through ongoing dedication and practice. By working together and maintaining a continuous effort, we can create a harmonious relationship between you and your horse.

Unless you are booked for a loading session, I can bring most equipment to you such as long-lines, Dually headcollars etc. If we are using your equipment, before I come to visit you and your horse you must make sure that all equipment used is safe. 

I work in most weather conditions, unless I feel it will make our session unsafe. For example, heavy rain whilst loading can make ramps slippery, in this instance we will rearrange the session, with no additional charge to you. Please let me know if weather has impacted any point of the journey such as a fallen tree/flooding. 

If there are more than 1 horse at the same yard, I can look to provide discount and split millage, please get in touch with me to arrange this. 

Yes, if you are interested in a clinic for spook busting, or various other topics. I can also offer talks on behaviour and psychology at a desired location. Please get in touch with me to arrange this. 

Of course, as long as you are happy for them to be there. I understand that not everyone would like an audience, so please voice your feelings and I will politely ask onlookers to move away. 

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Terms and Conditions 2024

  1. Terms and Conditions 2024

    Responsibility and Safety:

    I am responsible for my own insurance and safety while working with my own horse. I will wear appropriate clothing and a British Standards Safety hat. I agree not to make any claims against Equi-nine UK for any loss or injury to property or person during the short course.

    Training Sessions:

    I have the right to stop a training session with my horse at any time.

    Filming and Media Usage:

    I understand that training sessions may be filmed, and I give permission for their use on social media and for advertising purposes (unless specified to me).

    Homework and Training Advice:

    I acknowledge the need to complete assigned homework and follow training advice to achieve the best results from the sessions.

    Session Costs:

    Please visit www.equi-nineuk.com for update prices. 

    Please acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions before proceeding with the training sessions.

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